Why Miradem?

Over 95% of retirement communities have a marketing website for their community, but less than 10% have a community website for their residents.  A community website helps your residents find out what’s going on around then so they can stay connected and participate more.  That builds a stronger community.  A wonderful community site can also be a differentiator and a recruiting tool for the retirement community itself.

Miradem was built based on work done for the MeadowLife site at Carolina Meadows.  Miradem has many of the same features plus more.  These features include:

  • Activity and Committee pages
  • Event calendars
  • Document sharing
  • Dining Menus
  • Ability for users to follow the groups that interest them

A big advantage with using Miradem for your community is the speed at which you can get your site up and running.  A retirement community can take months to design their community site and determine what features they should have.  They can then take more months to find just the right development company to perform the work.  Then, they’ll have to wait another 3, 4, 5 months or more for the work to be done.  This whole process can take a year or more.  All this time costs you money.  

With Miradem, the system is already complete and ready for you to use.   Just give us your logo and choose a color scheme.  We set up the site for you and do all the hosting.  Your Miradem community site can be ready for you to use in a week— you just need to add your users and content.  We’ll train key members of your staff and members of your community, and they can share their knowledge with the rest of the community.

We’d love to build a wonderful community for you.  Contact us to let us know if you have any questions and to get started.