Miradem video

Miradem is a tool specifically built to create community websites for retirement communities.

Miradem gives residents a way to see what's happening around them— so they can get involved, building a stronger community. There are calendars, activity and committee pages, dining menus, and much more.

Best of all, Miradem empowers residents to manage their own site. Our simple-to-use software lets community site administrators create and edit content on their own, and even delegate control of specific sections to others.

The name Miradem comes from the Latin words for wonderful community, and that’s what we would like to help you build— a wonderful community.

Miradem Features

Event calendars

Residents can see what's happening today, tomorrow, or months in advance.

Activities & committees

Every group can have their own home page, event calendar, news updates, and photo galleries.

Residents directory

Post contact information, photos, and bios of your residents.


Residents can easily manage their own groups.


Residents can "follow" every activity, or only the groups they choose.

Dining menus

Residents can see what's for dinner tonight, or lunch next week.

Document sharing

Residents can view newsletters, reports, and meeting minutes.


No need to worry— we handle everything.


Miradem sites look great on any platform, whether phone, desktop, tablet, or laptop.

Training & Support

We’ll train your leaders so they can train your community, and provide support and encouragement whenever you need it.


Payment plans and tiered pricing make Miradem affordable.


If Miradem doesn't do it already, we can probably add it for you. Just ask!